YA-10A first flight

YA-10A first flight was performed by Fairchild-Republic chief test pilot Howard W. "Sam" Nelson on May 10, 1972 at Edwards Air Force Base, CA.

Five years later, on June 3, 1977, he died in the crash of U.S. Army A-10 during air display at Le Bourget Air Show.

Roll-out of the first prototype

YA-10A first prototype (s/n 71-1369) in flight above Mojave Desert

Spin chute deployment test of Fairchild Republic YA-10A prototype (sn 71-1370) at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., on Oct. 21, 1974

Development test pilots walk past two Fairchild Republic A-10A prototypes and a DT&E airframe.jpg

YA-10A first prototype (s/n 71-1369) weapons tests

YA-10A firing its GAU-8 30mm gun during a test, Edwards AFB, 7 Feb 1974

gunner aboard a YA-10A fires GAU-8 30mm gun, Edwards AFB, Feb 1974

YA-10 aircraft with the ammunition bay open, Edwards AFB, Feb 1974

YA-10A refueled on the ground by KC-135 Stratotanker, Edwards AFB, 1974

YA-10A refueled by KC-135 Stratotanker, Edwards AFB, Feb 1974


Following pictures shows YA-10A prototype aircraft with different weapons mounted on a pedestal during a radar test at the Rome Air Development Center's Newport Test Site, Griffiss Air Force Base, July 1984


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